There are different types of success.  Here I will focus on two types internal and external success.

I profited from participating in the Landmark Education seminar “Producing Breakthrough Results”.  For this course, my goal was to convince a group of friend to go bungee jumping.  As a direct result of this seminar, I succeeded and that success has changed my life forever.

I talked to many other graduates of that class and all of them were extremely positive and happy about the class.  When I asked them if they had accomplished the goal they chose, very few of them achieved the goal, or even got close.  It is as though they enjoyed getting pumped up and dreaming about achieving a goal and forgot about the actual achievement.

This is what I call internal versus external success.  Internally, this person was successful, because they feel successful, they are happy.  Externally, the circumstances of their life did not change and none of the things they professed to want to achieve showed up.

I accept both are important.  It is important to be happy with our current circumstances and be  enlightened, in addition I think it is just as important to achieve concrete results.  Similar to a quote from Steve Jobs “Real artists ship”.

Let’s make our goal to be both internally and externally successful.
The purpose of a success workout is to workout your mind just like you might do for your body.

What might be the purpose of a body workout?
    - To improve strength
    - To learn new techniques
    - To socialize with other people that like working out

Now, what might you do during a traditional body workout?
    - Repeat exercises that you have done many times already
    - Stretch your comfort level in order to improve your strength
    - Learn new exercises

So all of the above are things we do during our success workouts.  We work together to improve our ability to succeed, learn success techniques that are new to us and socialize with others that are interested in success.  We will do exercises that promote success, some of our conversations may stretch your comfort level, and sometimes you will learn a new success method.

We look forward to you joining us and teaching us what has worked for you to be successful.
Your Success Gym is a place for you to get a workout for your mind.
Your desire for success is common among all humans and the definition of success is different to each of us.

Common success goals are:
    - Financial
    - Interpersonal
    - Physical
    - Mental

Common reasons you may not be as successful as you want:
    - Unclear goals
    - Laziness
    - Ignorance
All of your challenges have been faced by others for thousands of years.  The good news is that there have also been many teachers that have shared their methods for overcoming your challenges and achieving extraordinary success.  Most all of these teachers agree that it is our thinking that determines our success.

Changing our mind is not much different than changing our body.  If you wanted to change your body, for example by losing weight.  Would you maybe:
    - Seek out information about losing weight?
    - Talk with others that are also interested in losing weight?
    - Take regular action that contributes to losing weight?

If it works so well for your body, how about doing the same for your mind?

Just like losing weight, expect this to take time.  Expect to:
    - Do the same, basic actions over and over for months and years.
    - Make small positive decisions on a daily basis.
    - Have setbacks and overcome them and continue

Just like a gym for your body, our mind gym is open to people of all abilities.  If you are a beginner and can barely do the simple exercise or if you are a superstar and have already mastered all exercise, we welcome you.