On September 26th, 2012 I had some swelling in my right foot and within a few days this developed into a debilitating illness that prevented me from moving my neck or even walking so I eventually was bed bound, well actually sofa bound.  I stopped working and doing any of the success activities that I have been doing over the last several months.

At some point, I had guessed that at worst this would go away after 2 months, though during that period I did start to lose confidence that it really would resolve in 2 months.  It is almost 2 months and I am still experiencing pain, though I think it is possible that I am close to finding a combination of vitamins, supplements and medication that will allow me to continue with most of my previous activities.

This is a perfect example of Carl von Clausewitz's saying "No campaign plan survives first contact with the enemy."  In this case, I the enemy would be this pain affecting my body and the plan are the goals and activities I have been doing to be a successful person.

The good news is that I believe that all my previous work provided me enough momentum that I was able to rest for over 1 month and still able to achieve my goal.  This shows that being 100% healthy, I'm able to achieve even more.

Now that I fell off the bicycle, I'm ready to get back on and get back to living and being what I can be.  During this rest period, I have been watching quite a few episodes of Dog WhispererThat show really convinces me the power of having a deep understanding of the primal nature of animals and humans.  Cesar Milan is able to go into almost any situation with animals that don't listen to their owners, attack their owners, destroy property and within a few hours he has the dog acting calm and submissive.

Part of his belief system is that all dogs want to be calm and submissive.  What allows them to be calm and submissive is if there is a strong pack leader that allows them to be calm and submissive.  If there is no strong pack leader, than the dog will be forced to assume that role and that produces this undesirable behavior.  A key thing also is that he talks about how humans treat dogs like humans instead of treating them like dogs.

I think there are so many lessons to be learned here about being a parent, husband and human.  Children should be treated like children, customers should be treated like customers.  This is being helpful to all parties.  This is allowing them to be calm, submissive and happy.
I am unable to find a reliable source of who originated the saying "If you fail to plan you are planning to fail".  I have seen it attributed to Benjamin Franklin and Winston Churchill.  Either way, I can understand the logic of the saying.  In essence, if we don't have a clear method to get from where we are to where we want to go, then we are less likely to get there.

As I reflect on my past experiences, I'm not so sure that I can 100% agree with the saying.  When I think about areas in my past where I consider myself to have been successful, for none of them did I have a plan.  If I was lacking a plan, then how was I able to succeed?  What is luck, like winning the lottery, or is planning an optional part of being successful?

For the areas that I was successful, I did have a sense of my goal and I took regular action towards the goal.  Sometimes massive action and other times small action, though it was regular action.  I also spent much time reading information about my goal and talking to others about my goal to get ideas about how it can be achieved.  I was also open to try all sorts of different things to achieve the goal.

Maybe planning is just another type of action, that has various levels of usefulness, depending on the person and what they are trying to achieve.  This also reminds me the saying by Carl von Clausewitz "No campaign plan survives first contact with the enemy."  When making plans, it is not so important if we actually end up following this exact plan.  The process of planning will help our brain to think about different options and what we might do when things don't go the way we want.

So, I am removing planning as a critical step for success.  Instead, I am going to add "Review".  Meaning that after you have set a goal and taken some action you should take the time to review your goals and action and see how is it working out for you.  If you think there should be adjustments then make them.