Conditioning our mind is similar to conditioning our body.

I'm repeating this to keep me on track.  For me it is a powerful motivational tool.  It is easy for me to want more progress than I seem to be making.  I may think that I have been working hard and taking massive action and the results just aren't showing up.

Now, part of being successful, if the results aren't showing up is to be willing to change our actions, and I also believe patience is just as important.  Let's say, I decided I wanted to run a marathon.  I trained for 6 months for the run and then on race day, I have to stop before reaching the end, is there anything that should stop me from trying again?  As long as I am still healthy, I can train again and try again.

Now with this marathon, does it matter if there are teenagers that are able to run marathons and I'm middle aged?  Should I give up on the goal?  Does it matter that the world record is 1/4 of any time I can ever expect to achieve?  It may take me longer to get trained and find the right formula that works for me, including the right coaches, though if I keep trying it will eventually work.

So, when it come to training my mind, including things like being positive and passionate.  It is easy to see people who have traits that I am interested in developing.  It's perfectly fine that they have these traits, maybe even from a young age, and I am still working to develop them.

It is like when I watch The Dog Whisperer or Supernanny.  I believe both of these people have developed expertise in a particular area and in some sense it can be depressing to see how easily they can change behaviors that maybe you have been struggling with for years.

So actually, my goal is to keep seeking and find people like these two experts, and try and learn as much from them, so that I can have the same expertise.  Once you are clear on what you want, find experts who have what you want and do your best to learn from them.

I got a little distracted from the original idea of conditioning and changed to modeling.  Well, anyway, I still think conditioning is a great idea, to keep taking regular efforts, even small efforts and not be too concerned about the speed of development.