The only people who fail are those that stop trying.

As I write that, my mind is wandering about finding a substitute for the word "try" because I have heard several success coaches who say something like "There is no try, only do or don't do."  Hmm, sort of simplistic and not necessarily helpful advice.  I get that their intention is to encourage a positive mindset so that we tell ourselves that we will do something and only be happy if we actually do it instead of being happy with the fact that we just "tried".  I'm not so strict, I think it is perfectly fine for us to "try".

Anyway, the point is that as long as we haven't given up and quit on achieving whatever is our goal, then we haven't failed.  As long as we are alive, we still have the chance to pick ourselves up and work again towards any goal.  Do you want to make more money, have a better marriage, be happier, or healthier?  Have you tried to achieve any of these goals in the past?  Maybe you have read books, attended seminars, made goals to achieve them, even written down goals and possibly even had success and then fallen back down.  That's all great.

Again, if you are alive enough to read this blog, then you have the ability to try again.  Take another step.  Learn something more about what you are trying to achieve.   Ask the question "How...?"  The technique of asking "How..." is a great way to get the most powerful tool that we all possess, our mind, to work for us.  Ask your mind a question like "How can I make more money?", "How can I get in better shape?", "How can I have a better marriage?" "How can I be happy?" "How can I learn to set goals?"

Asking "How...?" gets our mind working on our side to help us achieve our goals.  Ask the question over and over in whatever tone of voice is comfortable to you.  You can ask yourself silently, just in your mind.  You can say it out loud.  You can say it softly or scream at yourself.  There are no rules here, just ask the question to get your mind working for you.

BTW, you can also get the minds of other people working for you by asking the same questions to them.  You may be surprised who was a good dea that can help you achieve your goal.

Be persistent in achieving your goals and keep asking "How.." questions.