I believe that there are basic fundamental common traits among successful and happy people.

I think a key reason why I believe this is my keen interest in the scientific method.  I can imagine that many thousands of years ago, it was not so clear that there are some fundamental similarities among most things we see everyday.  How could people really understand that all of the animals that we see, from birds, to reptiles, to humans have some very basic similarities.  Thinks like internal organs, circulatory system, and nervous systems.  Even things like rocks and humans have fundamental similarities.  We are both build from atoms.

It was only by the regular application of the scientific method of 1)  Formulate some theory that can be disproved, 2)  Test the theory, 3)  If necessary, revise the theory, otherwise go back to #2.  This is quite similar to the success formula 1)  Choose a measurable goal, 2)  Take some action towards the goal,  3)  If necessary, revise the goal, otherwise go back to #2.

I think there is additional information that is not covered by this success formula.  In particular, I'm not sure how well it might work towards more soft skills, like "being happy", or "being agreeable".  The success formula is powerful for things like business, weight loss and learning new skills.  I think the analogy would be, how well does the scientific method work in the arts?  Is the scientific method critical to produce great works of art?

Emotion is an important part of success and that is an area where something more than the Success Formula is required.  I am inspired by what I know about Neurolinguistic Programming, despite my trusted source Wikipedia referring to it as "unsupported by current scientific evidence, and uses incorrect and misleading terms and concepts".

As an example, I just found an article NLP: A New Way of Thinking About Your Relationships which has five great ideas:
  1. You cannot not communicate
  2. Other people’s models of the world are not wrong
  3. The meaning of communication is the response it produces
  4. Everyone does the best they can with the resources available to them
  5. You are in control of your mind and hence your results
  6. People are not their behaviors

For more information about these principals, head over and check out the article.  Each of those concepts really makes sense to me.

The question for today is, how can we introduce emotion and art into the success formula?