The third step step of the Success Club Intl Success Formula is Review.  During this review it is important to check your goals and actions and see how they are working for you.  Are the goals still goals that you want to achieve?  Are the goals too easy or too hard?  Are the actions you taking moving you towards your goals?  Are the actions too little or too much?

In addition to reviewing your current goals and actions, think back in your life to your past experiences.  Review your past successes and times when you were less than satisfied with the results you received.  Let's first start by thinking about your past successes.

Try and think of 3 times in your life where you remember the feeling of being successful or happy.  Maybe it was a time when you were younger in school, maybe you got some recognition by a teacher, maybe you did well in an athletic event or maybe some social function or event you were chosen as a key contributor.   Think again when you were older, maybe job or career related.  Have you had a time when you got a great job, or promotion or something great just happened?  Maybe you had a great relationship, or maybe you went on a fun vacation.  Then try and think of a third time when you felt successful, maybe more recently, like in the last few years.

Pick three times where you achieved what you consider success, look at each of these times and see if you can discover some pattern to your success.  What did you have to do before you got the feeling of success?  Did it take some preparation before you were successful?  Maybe for several months before hand you did some work to achieve your goal.  How long did it take?  3 months, 6 months, 1 year?  For my pattern, I notice that it takes me about 6 months consistently working to get this success feeling, and when I'm truly honest, there are at least 2 years of preparation work that also contributed to the success.

Did anyone help you achieve your goal?  If you did well on a test in school, didn't you take a class on a regular basis to achieve that result?  If you did well in some athletic event, did you train with others?  For me, I notice that all times I have been successful, it has been with the help of others, and I almost always find some way to take a class or training that is in relation to my goal.

How often did you work on your goal to be successful?  If you got a great job, how often did you work towards finding that job?  Did you look at least 3 times per week, or maybe 7 days a week if you were desperate for the job?  Is there anyone out there that can tell me that they got the feeling of success by just taking one action and then waiting 6 months with no more access and they succeeded?  I know that I must do something at least 3 times per week towards my goals to eventually be successful.

Use today to discover your success pattern.  Maybe you use music, singing, pictures, drawing, motion, or exercise in your success pattern.  For the skeleton of success, we are all similar and how our body fills out the skeleton, that is what makes us all unique.

Please share what is your pattern of success.