Do you have any negative emotions associated with going to school, doing homework and taking tests?  I mean, who wants to be told they must study certain subjects.  Where is the fun in that?

Instead of focusing on studying, I propose you focus on learning.  It may sound like a small difference, though for me it is a huge difference.  I know many people that say they want to be able to speak a foreign language.  Most of them talk about how they are going to start studying the language.  For me, the more powerful approach is to focus on learning the language.

What is the difference between learning and studying?  The difference is that studying has no goal except for the action of studying.  If I take language classes for 4 years, I can say that I have been studying for 4 years.  If I now go to a country that speaks that language and I can't use any of what I was studying, than the amount of learning is much less.

Most people who are naturally successful, don't study about success, they just learn.  Learning means that we are trying to achieve some goal and therefore are trying to acquire a new skill to achieve the goal.  If my goal is to be able to converse in a foreign language, or understand foreign films in their native language, than my amount of learning will be clearly measured by how close I am to achieving these goals.

I try to never use the work study.  Instead of telling people "I am studying success", I prefer to say, "I am learning about success."  Learning implies some progress and results.  Studying can just mean book smarts and still unable to tie your own shoes.

To be clear, part of learning can be going to classes, taking tests and doing homework.  They key thing is that these are not the goal.  If you do well or poorly on a test, it is not as important as how you are making progress towards your goals.  There are great teachers out there who are willing to help you.  Use their help to achieve your goals.

I encourage you to have fun and be a lifelong learner.