I have been putting off doing some simple things over the last few days.  Why do I want to improve this?

I want to improve this because these tasks are easily within my ability to do and I have enough time to do them.  I will get a feeling of accomplishment when I spend a complete day to fulfill my tasks.

I'm trying to figure out what is the root cause and solution for this issue.  I guess part of the issue is that I'm not passionate about the things that are on my To-Do list.  Sort of like if on the list is to take out the trash and you keep putting it off.  I mean, how passionate about taking out the trash can I be?  One way to look at it is that taking out the trashing is something that must be done with no need for passion.

Let's think about taking a shower.  Am I passionate about taking a shower each day?  Not really.  Do I have to come up with all sorts of reasons to take a shower?  Nope.  Why not?  Because taking a shower is just something I do.  I have been brought up that part of being a civilized person is to regularly bath.  It is just part of who I am, no need to think about "Why" or if it something that I'm really passionate about.  I also don't regularly suffer form procrastination on this issue.

Maybe it would be helpful for me to define "Who am I."  For example, if there is some work related topic that I am procrastinating about, I can ask "What type of worker am I?"  I'm looking for an answer like "I'm an astronaut, writer, business person, or leader."  From this you can ask yourself, "What does x, act like?"  If the thing you are procrastinating about is something that your profession does, then in order to be excellent at your profession, you should do that, no matter how you feel, actually how you feel shouldn't make much difference.

If I am a blogger, than I write in my blog.  No question or delay about it, that is what I do.  If I am a business person, than I develop business contacts, that's what business people do.  If I am a project manager, then I develop project plans, schedule meetings and write reports.  If I am an internet marketer, then I oversee the development of a website, SEO and product development.

Who are you?