Do you focus more on the method of succeeding or on your motives for succeeding?

There seems to be good evidence that motive is more powerful than method.  Why would motive be more powerful?  One theory is that you surely know many methods to succeed, and yet you don't do them because of fear.  This fear may be because your motive is not strong enough for you to want to confront your fears.

You probably know how to drive a car or have ridden in a car.  Anyone who drives a car can drive on the right or left side of the road.  The method is available to everyone.  Why then do most drivers decide to drive on the same side of the road as everyone else?  Because their motive is to arrive safely at their destination.  If they drive on the opposite side of the road it will make it more difficult to achieve their motive.

Our motives for doing things are often hidden from ourselves.  You may have motives that prevent you from succeeding that you are not conscously aware of.  How can you create powerful motives that will drive you to succeed?

One way to generate powerful motives is to ask yourself 'Why..." or "How come..." questions.  You can ask yourself questions as if you have already achieved your goal.  Something like "Why do I have an abundance of wealthy?"  "Why are people attractd to me?" "Why do I easily achieve my goals?"

These type of questions will get your brain searching for positive justifications for why you are successful.  Just like improving your body, expect it to take repetition an time for your mind to grow as a result of these exercises.  If you do the exercises and gradually improve the quality of the questions you ask, I'm sure you will experience positive results.



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09/14/2017 5:57pm

If ever you'll be having a motive on what you do, make sure that your motive will not only benefit you, but also the people around you. Actually, I don't see a wrong thing in motives you have as long as it would not hurt other people and will not make you a bad person. If you are doing some actions that intent to hurt other people by any means, you are on a wrong path. Stop taking it, it will not deliver you any good!

05/10/2016 8:04pm

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