How important is giving to charity?  Is giving money or time away with no expectation in return of equal or greater value as doing something that benefits you?

My initial impression is that this is similar to making an "art" film versus a commercial film.  I hear an interview with Harrison Ford many years ago and he was asked why he didn't seem to do "art" films.  His was response was that he didn't see why an "art" film couldn't be commercial.  In that light, is it required that charity be a money losing proposition?

Is it enough to be the best, most positive, most helpful, most loving and also most productive, profitable, and improving person possible.  Why is there a need to separate these things?

I think it is great to help people and you can do it for your own reasons.


10/06/2014 6:45pm

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11/07/2017 7:51pm

Nowadays, more and more people are choosing to be practical over following their passion. Well, I cannot blame them because money is indeed important. Let's admit the fact that it is still the money that makes the world go round. Make a commercial film with a low budget and you will earn big. But if you will produce art film, I'm a bit worried it will not be accepted by your tentative viewers. My comment might make you sad, but that's the reality I see right now.

02/07/2015 6:25pm

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