Some of my goals are not S.M.A.R.T.  For example:
  • How can I be fun?
  • How can I be persuasive?
  • How can I be romantic?
I find the most important characteristics of goals that motivates me is that the goal be measurable and timely.  These goals are neither.  Even though I reinforce these goals regularly, I'm not sure that I am taking steps to improve those skills.  What is a method to achieve these goals?

Dale Carnegie suggests self-analysis, in particular "Check up each week on the progress you are making. Ask
yourself what mistakes you have made, what improvement, what lessons you have learned for the future."  He does not insist on measurable and timely goals.  I was also suggest this idea of self-analysis from another teacher.  This is not something that I have part of my schedule, so it's something to consider.

Another possibility is to try and make the goals measurable and timely.  For example, for the goal of wanting to be fun, I could make a goal of trying to make at least one person laugh for 3-5 days in a week.  For persuasive I could make the goal to convince someone to do something for me 3-5 days in a week.  For romantic, I could say I will purchase some product about relationships and apply at least one of it's teachings within 2 weeks.

There are two ideas, self-analysis and make the goals measurable and timely.  I prefer the second option.

What ideas do you have on how to achieve unmeasurable goals?


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I was also suggest this idea of self-analysis from another teacher.


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