For the past 18 days, I have been suffering from debilitating joint pain. The cause of this illness is a mystery, despite visiting two doctors in Korea, 2 doctors in China, 3 pharmacists, countless internet searches, at least 10 oral medications and topical traditional Chinese medicine.

The key thing is how does this affect my success?  First way is that I during those 18 days, I stopped most of my system of success.  The system consists of 1) Wake early, 2) Write out goals 3-5 days / week, 3) Write in blog 3-5 days/week, 4) Listen to 45min - 1 hr success material 3-5 days / week, and 5) Take regular action towards goals 5 days per week 6) Weekly meeting with other success minded people.

For the first few days of illness I did continue with my success activities, then we had 7 days planned vacation in Korea and I have traditionally stopped most of these success activities during vacations.  This is a pattern that I want to review because I am more careful about trying to maintain a healthy eating pattern, even during vacation, though I did allow that also slip.

I believe that the success system is mostly concerned with training our mind, just like a healthy program is designed to train our body.  When you go on vacation, how much unhealthy things should you allow yourself to do since you are on vacation?  There are of course extremes on both ends of this spectrum.  I have heard that professional athletes if they even miss one day of training will suffer for several days when they start again, so if they stopped for 3 or 7 days, they would suffer even more.  Most of us aren't at this level a performance, so I suspect we can probably handle 1-3 days of slacking off.

Well, back to the current situation, the good news is that in general I have been able to maintain a positive and productive attitude, especially with my wife.  My wife has been great in looking after our son, practically completely by herself because I have been bedridden for the last 7 days.

Life happens one day at a time.  I can just start from where I am now and decide if this success system works for me and continue from there.


07/31/2013 3:43am

is that an arthritis? Well, I am sure the doctors do already have some ideas but not really the exact diagnosis.

07/31/2013 12:53pm

Yes, most likely is.


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06/30/2016 9:11pm

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04/12/2017 1:51pm

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04/23/2017 6:53pm

Sorry to read the post and about the illness. Excess of everything is bad, too much work an specially mental exertion can cause damage to our body and brain. Hope to get well soon.

06/07/2017 9:16pm

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