Time management and getting more done in less time is all about setting priorities.  How can you make sure you have enough time to accomplish the goals you have for your life?

There is some great advice form Warren Buffett, here.  From what I know of him, Warren seems like a great person and a good candidate for modeling success.  He seems like a real "normal" person.  I have heard he supposedly drives his own car and live in the same house that he bought 50 years ago.  He has found certain golden rules that allow him to consistently be successful.

This particular article talks about Warren's idea on how to set priorities and achieve success.  It closely follow the current Success Formula, with some changes.  In general the success formula is:
  1. Goal
  2. Plan
  3. Action

The Plan step is one that is missing as a separate action of the current Success Formula, though I will add it in.  I prefer to take action before planning, otherwise I will use a lack of a plan as an excuse to not take action.

The key clarification of Warren priority advice is to first make a list of your top 25 priorities and then from that list choose the top 5 priorities.  Now once you have your top 5 priorities, use all of your energy and focus to work on these 5 priorities.

What about the other 20 goals on the list?  Should you work on them as you can when you have time?  This is where Warren advises you avoid those goals at all costs.  These goals are like sirens that will distract you from truly achieving your top 5 goals.

Be laser focused on your top 5 goals and don't stray from them until you have achieved them.  Only consider adding a new goal when one of your top 5 is completely achieved.

Are you following the advice of one of the world's most successful people?


You sound like the same Juli to me :)!

05/21/2016 6:05am

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09/20/2017 1:18am

You know a lot about time management. Maybe I will use your knowledge someday.


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