Maybe it's just me, but there might be times in your life when there is something that you are pretty sure that you could be doing to get what you want, but you just don't feel like doing it.  It could be that you know that if you were too pick up a book and start reading and learning, you would be closer to having that knew skill you want.  Maybe it is to exercise or eat right, though you just don't feel like doing it.  Maybe it is contacting someone that you keep putting off.

I'm a huge fan of doing what you want to do, so the first thing I would recommend is to try and see if there is some way you can find to enjoy, or at least be able to tolerate what you think is important to do.  Is there someone who can help you?  Can you try another way or method?  Can you change the time or place that you perform the activity?  Can you shorten the length of the activity?  Just keep asking yourself, "How can I want or enjoy doing this activity?"  Keep reading and learning and maybe a new idea will allow you to find the way.

One good way to try changing how you feel is to change your body.  It is well established that the way that you hold your body and especially your face will change the way you feel.  Put a big fake smile on your face, get up and move around, jump up and down if you want to.  Listen to your favorite music as you are doing this.  Get your blood pumping.

Now, if you truly can't find a way to want do this activity, than you can choose to not do it.  You can accept that you won't do it right now, and will maybe do it some other time.  Now when you make this choice, be honest with yourself that you accept responsibility for giving up on your goal.  That's fine, just be honest about it.  Be honest and say "I accept that I am poor, because I am not willing to do what it takes to grow."  or "I accept that I am fat because I decide not to change."  or "I accept that I am alone because I am too afraid to take the risk of connecting with another human."

The above might seem like crazy advice for a success blog, though it is just honest.  We are all at different stages of our life and can maybe only handle focusing on one or two areas at a time.  It is perfectly acceptable to say that we will ignore a certain area for now because it is too difficult for us.  That's fine, just pick another area that you can handle.  Do whatever is within your reach.  Would you expect a toddler to go out and run a marathon or would you praise them for making one small step?

If there is something you suspect you should be doing and you can't find a way to want to do it, or can't pump yourself up enough to do it, and you still want to achieve your goal, so you aren't willing to give up, then the only advice I have is to just do it.  Just knuckle down and do something, no matter how small.  Try to pick the smallest thing that you can do and do it.  Get some momentum built up and see where it goes.

A great teacher once told me "Stop telling me it doesn't feel right, just do it 100 times and then come back to me and tell me how it feel."

How you taken 100 actions to achieve your goal?


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