Earlier this week I wrote "How do you agree with that which you know to be wrong?"  I understand one of the fundamentals of human nature is that most people prefer to feel as though they realize the truth of something rather than having this truth shoved down their throats.  By disagreeing with someone, we are trying to force our truth on them, even if our truth is the "correct" truth, it will most likely be rejected by the other person.

I like to believe that I am a rational person and can weigh the evidence and when presented with compelling evidence am able to change my opinion.  I still think this is mostly true.  In that case, I'm going to go against the initial idea of this article.  Even though I am human, I think my thinking is quite different than most people.

My point was going to be that I have never been a coffee drinker.  Despite having "grown-up" and in American, it is a sign of being an adult male to drink coffee.  It goes hand in hand with drinking alcohol.  What type of "real man" does not drink coffee or alcohol or coffee?  I consider them both drugs, not much different than cigarettes, marijuana or heroin.  They are just the socially acceptable drugs.

Recently, I have been having serious joint pains, so much that I have been mostly sitting on the coach for the past month.  I have seen 3 doctors and I think the first doctor had the right idea and he was a small clinic doctor and didn't want to make the serious diagnosis he suspected so I suggested I go to a big hospital.  Unfortunately, neither of the second two doctors suggested what the first one did, so I ignored his suggest for about one month.

The first doctors indirect suggestion was that I might have gout.  It is not a 100% fit for my symptoms, though it is the best guess I have.  For the past few days I have been aggressively treating my condition as if it is gout.  What does that mean?  Well, according to a recent medical study, it seems that people who drink 5+ cups of coffee per day have a 40% reduced chance of getting gout.  Sounds pretty convincing to me.

Therefore I have been aggressively drinking coffee these last few days.  The good news is my condition seems to be improving.  I understand this is not a scientific conclusion.  I could be getting better just because it has been 5 weeks.  Either way, I will keep drinking 4-5 cups of coffee for the next month.  I'm not sure if this will be a new habit as prevention or if I will just use it as a treatment if the condition returns.

The point is that if you had told me 1 month ago to drink one cup of coffee, I would have refused and now I'm becoming a heavy drinking.  Maybe the point is that circumstances can change and it is not so much that a person doesn't agree with me today and they will never agree.  Their circumstance just might change.  They might have different needs, wants or knowledge that would change their position.

The fact that someone has a different opinion than me is because they view the situation different than I do.  Am I strong enough to see things from their point of view?


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