I was talking with a friend last night about self-help and success teachings.  He mentioned that he had read some of this material, like The Seven Habit of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey.  He also mentioned something that I have always agreed with that it is difficult to read a book and change a habit.

Upon further reflection he mentioned that there was one program that made significant changes in his life and that was Toastmasters International.  I have heard of Toastmasters though never participated at any significant level.

As I was thinking about Toastmasters, it struck me that maybe this is a good model of how our Goals Workshop can be organized.  Some of the things I like about Toastmasters are:
  • Structured learning program
  • Members can come anytime
  • Professional image and clients
  • Positive feedback of results from program
  • Peer evaluation of progress
I think the biggest challenge for the Goals Workshop is to find out what could be the structured learning program such that members can come and go as they please and still get value from the program.

I guess I can develop a simple progress track, something like Goal Setting basic and advanced, Action basic and advanced, Review, and Success expert.  Or maybe different areas of success like Physical, Mental, Relationships, and Financial.

This is what I'm still working out.  The good thing about Toastmasters is that it has been able to survive since 1924 and has spread around the world because there is obvious interest in learning to speak in public.

The next closest example I have is Landmark EducationLandmark is probably the closest example to what I'm trying to learn, though they have a little bit of a cult aspect to their organization.  If it were possible to capture the benefits of Landmark without the cult aspects, that would be great.

A key difference I see between these two organization is that Landmark is a profit oriented company and Toastmasters is non-profit.  I think it is clear that the profit oriented organization reaches more people.  There is such a stronger incentive to attract new customers that they end up reaching a much larger audience.  Non-profit organization, though they have a noble image, in general tend to reach a smaller audience.

I guess those are my two closest models of what I would want the Goals Workshop to be, a combination of Landmark and Toastmasters.  How can I accomplish that?


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