What if today is the last day of your life?  How would you act?  What if you treated every day like that.  Eventually you'll be right.

How about if it was the last 6 months or last 10 years of your life?  If today was truly the last day of my life, would I keep doing what I'm doing right now.  Pretty much, yes.  I have no need to jump on a plane and fly somewhere.  I do that plenty and then most of the day would be spent in the airport and on the plane.

Today I have a productive day planned and am satisfied with what I will be accomplishing.  Maybe it is more helpful to push out the death clock to 6 months or 5 years.  Or maybe it's just helpful to think about what I admire that others have.

I admire leaders that are calm, funny, positive and rational.  I admire people that control significant assets.  I admire people that have traveled the world.

When I think of it this way, it is more clear the areas I have more work to do.  I am rational and sometimes funny.  I am working on the positive and the calm comes and goes.  As far as controlling significant assets, this is definitely a weakness.  Travel the world is not a problem, I have that one covered.

So the most significant issues would be controlling significant assets, positive and calm.  How would I define significant assets?  I guess large amounts of land, buildings and businesses.  How much is a large amount of land?  I don't even know.  Let's say large enough that it would take 12 hours to walk the perimeter.  So if I walk 3 miles per hour that would be 36 miles perimeter.  That would be 9 miles square or 81 square miles or 51,840 acres or 20,979 hectare.  We could say 50,000 acres or 20,000 hectares.

For buildings, I think a 20+ story office building, or shopping complex with 20+ units.

How can I control those assets in


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