The way that we experience the world is mostly controlled by our minds.  I add "mostly" because there are definite external influences, for example if you are standing outside without shelter and it starts raining you will get wet.  What is produced by our minds is our reaction to getting wet.  We can decided to be upset, neutral or excited at that experience.  I understand for many people this idea that our reaction to the world around us is completely in our control is hard to accept, and I also have times when I seem to lose control of my reactions to external influences.  I still do believe that it is possible for me to learn more about directing my mind to change my experience of the world and as well the results I produce.

Assuming you agree that your mind has a great influence on the results you produce in the world, than the same is probably also true for other people.  The way that your mind experiences the world is through your five senses:  sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste.  You can use any or all of these to affect yours and other people's minds.  In the success community, it is my impression that many coaches say that the majority of influence on ourselves and others comes from body language.

I'm talking in this post about hearing.  This would mean you focus on what you say to influence how other people react to you.  The two words that I talk about in the title are:


These two words can be used as a way to amplify or negate statements that you make.  I was shared this secret as a method that "mind readers" use to influence customers to believe that they are accurate in their statements.  This also works for you and me to influence others and ourselves.

The method was that after any statement, we can then say either "Yes, and" or "Yes, but".  If a statement is successful and we want to amplify that statement, than we would say "Yes, and", if instead we want to negate the statement we would say "Yes, and"

An example, if I say "This is a great blog post" I could then follow with "Yes, and I'm sure tomorrow's will be just as interesting".  Or if I said "This blog post is dragging on" I could then follow with "Yes, but the content is interesting"

You can try this when you talk to other people as well as yourself.  If you find yourself saying or thinking critical things about yourself, just as a quick "Yes, but" and then talk about positive things.  When you are complimenting others be careful of every using "but" or you make negate the compliments you have given, instead use "and" to amplify the compliments.

I have found this technique to be quite useful, how about you?


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