I am lazy and question most all advice I hear about how to be successful and happy.

In particular, one of the mentors that I respect, seems to like to stress that by increasing your value through hard work, you can increase how much you achieve.  This just doesn't ring completely true to me.  Look at your environment, are the higher ups in your company the smartest and hardest working people?  Most companies that I have worked at, there are some smart hard working management, and there are also some real idiots.

Take a look at celebrities.  Do you think there is evidence that the most talented are the most successful?  Of course, I think there are some very talented people that are successful, and then there are some others that I don't consider very talented and they are still successful.

From my observation, then it doesn't appear that focusing primarily on ability is a high probability road to success.  What then are the most high probability ways to succeed?

Setting goals and taking action on them is clearly one.  Another one is who we know and who knows us.  As the title of this blog, a quote from Jim Rohn, says, who we hang around with the most is what shapes who we are and what we do.

This is definitely an area where I can improve.  I have one positive role model that I talk with regularly.

How can I surround myself with four other successful people?


04/14/2016 8:18pm

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