How long does it take to succeed?  Have you been doing the "right" thing and still aren't seeing the rewards?  Do you figure all this self help and personal development talk is bogus because it's not working for you?

Think about if you want to grow some fruits and vegetables to eat because you are hungry.  One of the first things you might do is to plant some seeds in the ground.  You can think of this like positive thinking and goal setting.  Do most farmers put one seed in the ground and then just walk away?  My mom used to grow vegetables in a patch of ground outside our house and I know she would put in many seeds.

Think of your mind as that patch of ground.  Put in several positive thoughts and goals.  Now our brain is different than growing a plant in that we will have to continue to regularly put thought positive thoughts and goals in our minds to keep them there.

Once you have the seeds in the ground, would you dig them up after one month if nothing is happening or might you be patient?  It will of course depend on the plant.  Some plants grow fast and I've heard that some can take years to grow.  The same for the positive ideas.  Some of them may show results quickly and others will take time.  If you dig up the plant or stop reinforcing the positive ideas, you are killing the seedling.

Be patient.  Continue to fill your mind with positive thoughts.  Listen to various different positive sources about success and happiness.  Continue to take actions, even small actions, on a regular basis that will improve your life and the life of the ones you love


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Digging up seed of success is difficult task you need to do hard work for make yourself successful person in the world, the peoples who are successful person they try again and again to achieve the respectable status among society peoples.

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