The success principals of the teachers on our Resources page, are a new concept to some people.  A common concept taught by most of them is the idea of a positive mental attitude (PMA).  In particular if you watch The Secret it's primary message is that PMA is the key to success.  So is that all it takes to be successful?

Some people I have met laugh at the idea of PMA.  The say something like "I want 2 BMWs.  Ok, where are they?  See this PMA stuff is garbage."  I see this as a complete misunderstanding of what PMA means.  PMA is not wishful thinking.  Wishful thinking is the belief that just thinking something will make it to effortlessly appear.  PMA does not mean that we don't have to do something to achieve our goals.

Think of it this way, if you learned a new exercise to increase your strength or a new diet to lose weight.  Wouldn't it be silly for you to try the exercise or diet for one day and then at the end of the day say "Well, I'm no stronger than this morning or haven't lost any weight so these techniques obviously don't work."?  How silly.  Most all of us realize it takes time and consistent effort to see results from exercise and diet.  Changing our mind and habits is the same.

PMA requires regular application as well as actions towards what we desire.  So in the above example, it seems completely reasonable that if a person truly wants 2 BMWs that if they focus on this everyday, share this desire with others, make concrete plans how to achieve this goal, and take daily actions to achieve the goal, that they will have 2 BMWs.

When put this way, sometimes people say something like "Well, that's no secret, it's obvious."  Yes, it is obvious, though how many of us truly do this?  Do you have clear concrete goals that you think of everyday?  Do you have a plan to achieve your goals?  Are you taking daily actions to achieve the goal?  If not, then why not give it a try?

PS  This applies to me as well.


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