I am a fan of being spontaneous and doing what ever the mood calls for, and I'm also a fan of having routines.  Both of these are of value, and are part of our natural behavior.

In my young son, I can see that at the age of 3 he already displays both of these.  Just the other day, I laid down in bed to take a nap and I happened to lay down on my wife's pillow.  Kai quickly pointed out that I was using the wrong pillow and I should use daddy's pillow, and I was on the wrong side of the bed.

Many highly successful people have well developed routines for the area of their life in which they are successful.  For example, top athletes, usually have a routine as to when and how they workout and when and what they eat.

Think about franchises.  A key power of franchises is the routines that they are selling.  Somebody has figured out a system that worked for them and by following their pattern they propose that another person can also succeed.

Now within these pattern for top athletes and franchises there is also room for flexibility and creativity.  Though, I propose that if one of them started to see themselves achieving less success than they wanted, it would be a good idea to see how they are straying from the routine, rather than adding more flexibility and creativity.

Most of us don't have a coach or franchise company to tell us what routines we should follow.  It is up to us to develop our own routines.  I don't suggest that you must plan every minute of everyday, but I do suggest that the more regular you plan success achieving activities and that these activities become a natural part of your personality the easier it will be to succeed.

What success routines can you developed?


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Just like you, I have a huge respect for those people who are born to be spontaneous and have adapted to that attitude. I love being with people who are always game to make adventurous stuff. Spontaneous people are always the best people to be with! At the same time, it is also important for a certain person to be organized with his schedule. It will somehow dictate what kind of personality that you have! By the way, I love this article! It's full of insight!

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