Who inspires you?  I am inspired by Steve Pavlina.  Why?

Well, probably first of all because I enjoy reading what he has to say and the ideas he shares.  He strikes me as someone who is being honest.  There are some things that he writes about that I don't necessarily agree with, though I like his approach.  I like how he covers all sorts of different topics like how to get up early in the morning, polyphasic sleeping, diet and exercise, blogging for profit and just in general how to be successful and happy.

Without maybe being able to specifically saying why it is, I would say I can relate to him.  Maybe, because he seems to come from a technical background, writing computer software, and now working in the personal development area.

Let's also be clear that I believe that he is telling the truth when he earns several $100,000 in profit from his activities.  This is also a key for me, that not only is he talking about this stuff, though he is making a good living and able to support his family in a lifestyle that he likes.

Today I read this article.  This is another great article talking about how he failed for 5 years before he was able to start being successful.  This sure seems to be a common story among successful people about how they had to fail before being successful.  A key lesson I take away form this article is that if we focus on what we can get, that it is hard to get that stuff.  If instead, we focus on what we can give, that we will get more than we need.

I admit that in many cases, I do focus on what I can get.  It just seems natural.  If I don't focus on providing for myself, then who will?  Even why I watch successful people, they also focus on getting stuff for themselves.  You don't think that Warren Buffett goes into negotiations and just thinks about what he can give away, I assure you that he also has a clear plan about how he will benefit.  I think the key thing is that instead of thinking 100% about what we get, how about at least think 50% about what we can give?  Or maybe even 60% what we can give others and 40% about what we can get?

Steve's article expresses the idea that you can do 100% giving and the receiving will follow.  For some people, that may work.  I do totally agree with him that we should be passionate about what we are doing and let that drive us.  I can be passionate about writing this blog, like writing this article, I enjoy writing it and thinking about how I can find places to give more in my current projects.

How about changing our money goals from thinking about how much we can make into how we can give value?  So instead of saying, "Why do I make $100,000/yr?" say "Why do I provide $100,000/yr of value?"


05/26/2016 5:11am

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Everyone has inspired by anyone according to their choice and hobbies. We should inspire by them who has a strong impact on society and done something big and impressive. Nice sharing. Thank you!

07/19/2017 10:57pm

Inspiration is an emotion in which we admire a person and make them a role model and we also follow them. we should make sure that whether personality is nice or not because we should follow only positive things.


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