Somewhere recently, I saw a post about the most important advice that this person had received.  The advice was something like, "Stop trying to find people that need what you have, instead find people that think like you."

This made sense to me in that the people that I enjoy most and benefit most from are those that I can see how we have similar beliefs are understandings of the world.  I guess to make this work, it would also help to be clear about what I believe, or maybe look at the people that I like and respect and what about them I want to emulate.

One thing would be rationality.  The idea that there are causes and effects for things and it is possible to learn.
Outlier - Another key for me are people that are used to being outside of the normal.  I like people that are just a little off.
Money is good. - I like people that believe that money is a good thing and having more is just fine.
Positive/happy/funny - Who doesn't like people that have these traits?

Outlier, I struggle with that one.  I think independent would be a better choice of words.  Someone that is happy to believe their own belief and not concerned if others accept it or not.

So we have rational, independent, financially motivated and positive.  How do I put knowledge seeker in?  I am attracted to people that are seeking answers.  People that are interested in challenging their beliefs, in a rational way, and considering alternative rational explanations.  Open minded?

OK, I have Rational, Open Minded, Independent, Positive, Capitalist.  Yes, this is very close to it.  I like capitalists and am a capitalist.  The think about capitalist is that it is such a charged word.  Especially that I live in China, a communist country.  Communist and Capitalist are listed as antonyms in the thesaurus so many people here may resist labeling themselves as a capitalist despite business being highly valued here.

I really like capitalist because it does separate those that are afraid of money and those that aren't.


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06/23/2016 10:46pm

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