hat Yesterday's post was helped me to focus some on how to have an equal or greater amount of energy to do the things that I know will help me improve versus those things that I "naturally" enjoy doing, like watching TV.  The advanced course for that topic would be how to do those things even when they aren't planned.  Meaning when I wake up in the middle of the night, instead of watching TV or surfing the web aimlessly, I do productive tasks.  For now, I'm satisfied if I am able to schedule myself to do these productive tasks and accomplish them.

Another challenge that I have is creating and maintaining a powerful network.  I am probably closer to this than I may think.  I can relate this to dating, another of my favorite reference points beside weight loss.

There have been long stretches of my youth where I had no dates.  It wasn't that I didn't want to have a girlfriend, I just didn't know of a method to reliably get one and my circle of friends was small or non-existent so it was also highly unlikely that I would get one by accident.

Finally, I had decided to do something about this and started taking action and learning about different ways to get dates.  I was also impressed by guys that seemed to have an unlimited supply of dates.  The thing that I eventually realized was that the distance between where they are and where I would be happy wasn't that far.

What I mean is that if I had zero dates, it wasn't like I would need to get 100 dates to be wildly happy.  Not even 50 or 25.  If I had 3 dates per week, that would already be more than enough.  I know some guys who have 6 or 7 dates per week, and this is rare, like being an Olympic athlete or multi-billionaire.

So, all of this babbling is to focus on, how many quality contacts would make a reasonable network for me?  100 quality business contact?  3 social business meetings per week?  I think that is a reasonable goal.  If I was able to have 3 social business, face-to-face meetings with decision makers a week, that would be a reasonable goal.


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