For authors, there is a common condition referred to as Writer's Block.  What this means is that the person trying to do writing is unable to come up with anything to write.  No matter how hard they try they just can't seem to make the words flow from their pen or computer keyboard.

I suggest that this feeling of being stuck and unable to proceed is common to many things we do, not just writing.  If you are trying to be successful, or achieve your goals, it is possible that at times you may experience "Success Block" or "Goals Block", meaning you just can't seem to come up with ideas of what you could keep doing to move you towards your goal.

Here are three ideas of how to help you get over your "Success Block"
  • Search online about what you want
  • Just do it
  • Detach yourself from the outcome
Search online about what you want

   The first idea is to go online and do a search about what you are trying to achieve and see what others are saying and doing to achieve what you want.  Let's say you want to make money selling some products you make online.  Try doing searches for things like "how to sell products online", "increase sales at my online store", or "how to sell [product] online".  Read and look what others are doing and it may give you some ideas.

Just do it

  The second idea may be considered hard core in that it can be thought of as "Stop your whining and get to work."  I seem to remember a profile of Richard Marx, and he was complaining about being unable to come up with any song ideas to his father Dick Marx.  It turns out that his father was also a professional songwriter, who wrote commercial jingles.  The supposed advice was something like, "Look I have to create a new jingle on a deadline.  If I don't create the jingle on time then there is no food on the table for the family.  I don't have time to complain about any type of writer's block.  Stop complaining and just do it."

Detach yourself from the outcome

   The third idea is to do your best to remove yourself from the results of your actions.  Don't worry about the quality or content of what you are doing.  Instead of trying to do the right thing, just do anything.  You can do again something you have done before.  If you are trying to sell something, you could ask a completely random person if they know anyone who would want to purchase your product.  It is likely the probability that a random person would know anyone who wants your product, though it is better than doing nothing.

  Have you ever experience "Success Block"?  What have you done to overcome it?


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